When did you decide you aren’t enough?

When did you decide you aren’t enough?

Was it when you got dumped by that boy in high school?

Was it when you came last in a race at school?

Was it when you didn’t perform as well as you expected on a maths test?

For me i can distinctly remember, I was 6 years old in year 1 at school and I struggled to fit in with all the girls, I had mainly had more boys as friends until then. I remember sitting down by myself at lunchtime and hearing the sounds of squealing and laughing behind me, I looked down and saw my little tummy protruding as I unwrapped my sandwich and I had never felt so alone, I decided in that moment I was not “enough” as I was, I needed to be different to who I was to fit in. So I did………for many many years, but this only lead to more and more anxiety and feelings of poor self worth. It wasn’t until I accepted myself completely for who I was, flaws and all, that I truly started to attract my tribe, and beautiful relationships started to blossom around me, supportive nurturing friends, that accept me exactly as I am!

The stories we tell ourselves can affect us in so many ways that we don’t even realise. We can become obsessive about our appearance, over spending, anxious, depressed or even have an addiction problem. Until we face those limiting beliefs and truly honour and accept who we are, we can never fully step into our lives and enjoy them completely.

If any of this resonates with you, there is so many tools and techniques you can learn to move through these limiting beliefs and unhelpful behaviours!

Reach out, take charge of your future and put yourself first and make a change to live your best life.

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